About the hotel

The newly built three-star Hotel Lázeňský vrch is located in the heart of the city of Litvinov. It offers accommodation in an attractive setting with contemporary design and with a pleasant view of the city center.

Hotel Lázeňský vrch has 34 rooms with free wi-fi internet access, including 5 suites, which have private terrace, and 29 standard rooms.

Guests can park at our place, guarded by CCTV, car park with a capacity of 30 seats is next to the hotel.

About Litvinov

The time when it was founded Litvinov probably will remain forever unknown. Sources from which one could determine this, were destroyed or lost. The earliest mention of Litvinov, the record from 1352 in the register of papal tithe registers decimarum papalium.
During the 16th century, it has spread ore mining also in the czech side of Ore Mountains. Came here a number of new residents, especially from Saxony.

At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries it spreads weaving and spinning home. On the part of the nobility appeared to concentrate efforts homely manufacturer in buildings called factories. They formed a transition between artisanal and factory production. The largest manufactory of cloth was founded in Litvinov in 1715 by Count Jan Josef Wallenstein. Of great importance for Litvinov and the surrounding cities had production of stockings, it was known that stockings from Litvinov takes even the imperial court in Vienna. Also, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities.

Industrialization of production necessitated the expansion of other sectors, particularly coal mining and transportation. In the foothills of the 19th century opened a number of underground mines for extraction of brown coal, which is exported to Saxony.

Currently, Litvinov is not only an industrial city, but also one of the gateways to the Ore Mountains, where possible, in both summer and winter run many kinds of sports or just browse the picturesque landscape.